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Why Lemon Water Should be Your Best Bud

The internet is brimming –practically bulging at the seams—with raves about lemon water and its string of benefits. Articles on lemon water are ubiquitous in almost every health sites, as well as in fitness magazines. Likewise, lemon water enthusiasts across the globe are testifying to the significant benefits lemon has on the body.

But does it really live up to all the hype it has been getting?

Actually, yes. Long before it has become recognized for its therapeutic and antiseptic properties, lemon water has already been making wonders. It has long been prized for playing an important role in medicine and diet of the people in Ancient Egypt and Syria around 1200 A.D. Lemon water with its Vitamin C concentration has also saved the lives of numerous sailors in the 15th century by keeping scurvy at bay.

Aside from its immunity-boosting properties, what else does lemon water do for us that have us grabbing lemons by the bunch?


  •     1. Mood Enhancer
  • Several studies have shown that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning will not only get your body up and ready to fight free radicals, but also help you maintain a pleasant mood all throughout the day. This is because of the ascorbic acid in the lemon water. Vitamin C is good for the adrenal glands and can potentially help reduce the effects of stress.

        2. Assist in Weight Loss

    Lemon water is lemon juice infused with water. It is not a magic tonic that can help you turn from a size 10 to a size 2 overnight. What is does, however, is boost your metabolism and keep your digestive system going. Thanks to the pectin fiber found inside lemons, the colon will be stimulated to work ideally and get cleansed as well. You will also feel slimmer because lemon water acts as a mild diuretic, which will have you eliminating excess water from your body.

        3. Glowing Skin

    Smooth and radiant skin is the holy grail of most detox fanatics. Drinking water alone improves the skin’s elasticity and keeps wrinkles away; it does more wonder when infused with lemons. By helping improve digestion and flush toxins from the body, lemon water can lead to clearer skin. Also, lemons are filled with antioxidants and flavonoids that destroy harmful free radicals in our bodies, and aid in collagen production. So, drinking lemon water on a daily basis will surely make you look AND feel more youthful for longer.

        4. Substitutes for Coffee

    Although some people think that a cup of coffee in the morning is vital to make them last through the whole day, lemon water can actually do the trick with a healthier kick, and without making you jittery and jumpy.

    Lemon water can keep you alert and energized the whole day and you wouldn’t have to deal with pesky coffee crashes in the afternoons.


    Lemon water can be a simple delicious and refreshing drink, a detox tonic, or an exercise beverage that’s healthier and costs less than commercial vitamin water. It is a perfect addition to your diet plan, but it should not replace a meal.

    Drinking lemon water every day is a great habit to keep and you will see its amazing effects in the long run.

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